Goldberger Music

Early or Late -lighthearted fun

Now It’s Lent – a Hymn

Goldberger Music

music by Timothy Reynolds

Making music in my home studio is fun. Collaborating with musicians is a joy. I am learning and developing new skills in composition, arranging, mixing/mastering.

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  • create truly Christian music
  • express thoughts, feelings, beliefs
  • collaborate with WELS creatives


  • continually improve
  • learn new skills
  • create high quality music


  • Christian in thought, word, action
  • service to others
  • the true, good, beautiful

10 instrumentals for prayer, reading, rest, sleep

peaceful Advent music for prayer and worship

music for individual and corporate liturgy

music featuring the work of Jayne Nitz, wordsmith

about me

I play music at home, work, and church. My home music is creating new music that I enjoy. My work is music teacher for students in grades K-5. My church music is for leading corporate worship – liturgy, song, hymn.

Husband, father, son, brother, friend.

Why Goldberger Music?

Truly Christian Music

I want my music to express the true faith, creeds, and doctrines of the Christian church. So much "Christian" music fails to express the truths found in scriptures, the traditions of our faith, or even a belief in God.

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