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Spring Time is Here (July!?)

It is time to put the “June Songwriting” on hold – is IS July. LOL So I will return to the music from Spring 2022 that was created with wordsmith Jayne Nitz. The 5 songs came out so nicely and I want to get each song mixed, mastered, and posted with a video. With that […]

Songwriting Done! – June 2022

Yes, it IS July, but the June 2022 songwriting blitz is now finished. I needed to really spend quality time on song “June – 03” which now has the title “Here Comes a Sunny Day”. Being a complete rookie when it comes to Mixing and Mastering music is my basic excuse for the June blitz […]

June Songwriting 2022

Setting a goal is very important. Following through on the goal you set is more important. Having heard about the announcement for Songwriting Weekends in June 2022, I decided to write songs in June leading up to the actual weekend. Alas, the weekend event was cancelled, but not after I had already made a decision […]

June – Song #1

I made a GOAL to start writing songs all of June 2022. Maybe that is a weird goal, but I felt a strong desire to do this. So on June 7th (last day of teaching music to elementary students) I composed a song. Using staff paper I wrote the chords and melody for a verse, […]

Hello world!

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