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I made a GOAL to start writing songs all of June 2022.

my home studio look like this

Maybe that is a weird goal, but I felt a strong desire to do this. So on June 7th (last day of teaching music to elementary students) I composed a song. Using staff paper I wrote the chords and melody for a verse, chorus, and bridge.

With the song structure in my mind, I played through the entire song in a single take. This happened on June 10th. Then I followed the following steps:

  • re-record each section for greater accuracy
  • add lead melody using a vocal synth (Mimi Page – legato)
  • add bass line (Scarbee Bass – clean)
  • add guitars (strummed and lead melody)
  • add FX to guitars and vox
  • balance and mix – all very quick
  • export to Mp3
  • post to website

The next morning, June 11 (today), I created a video and posted that to YouTube, Facebook, and (this website).

Now for Song #2….

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