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It is time to put the “June Songwriting” on hold – is IS July. LOL

So I will return to the music from Spring 2022 that was created with wordsmith Jayne Nitz. The 5 songs came out so nicely and I want to get each song mixed, mastered, and posted with a video. With that as my new “project” for mid-July I will spend time each day making it a reality.

Each song will be mixed, mastered, and posted as a video on YouTube, Facebook, and

While my mixing and mastering skills have improved, I’m still a rookie in all of this – but having fun, too!

“Alleluia!” is the first of the 5 “Prayers 2022” created with Jayne Nitz this past springtime. I posted the audio mp3 this morning and will now work on the video. See I’m already getting this done. Ha!

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